For A New Fascism 2018 (Documentary)

Liberty Machine News

For a New Fascism is the second full length documentary film by Richard Heathen and Liberty Machine News.

What happens when society is overrun by the revolutionary left? Historically nationalist right-wing movements rise to meet the challenge, when Marxist egalitarians agitate and disrupt the status quo to implement their agenda. The resulting collision rocks nations, and some times civilizations, to their very core.

In Western Civilization today these tensions are on the rise in many countries. From the United States to Europe, nationalists and radical egalitarians are meeting head on and exploding in to conflict, often resulting in violence. With the election of President Donald Trump, and the ever increasing organization of the far right, these tensions are only going to escalate.

​What does this mean for the future of Western Civilization? Could all  this simply be a symptom of a larger civilizational decline?

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For A New Fascism 2018 (Documentary)

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